MFD has a humanist perspective on design. MFD believes design is a generative process with a client to create new undiscovered content. This approach makes no attempt at manifesto nor does not claim to profess conclusions about design, life, or the state of building. MFD simply attempts to outline a foundation from which will develop rigorous collaborative investigation between clients and their environments. Integrating theoretical and technological advances from all over the globe with localized influences MFD seeks to become the stimulus for projects resulting in a truly socially responsible architecture that doesn’t just respond, but dares to perform almost as if alive. MFD considers the design process a beginning. The result of this process should be further seeds for new inspiration. That inspiration must not be prejudice and thus be allowed to develop from everything from high culture to pop culture.

The goal of MFD is to see the design investigations we embarked upon refined in a way that generates new territories, new content, and new threads of critical inquiry. The work strives to push towards new questions, and new solutions to the problems that challenge our epoch. At MFD our expanding field of knowledge through ongoing collaborations, and rigorous research, supports our challenge to ourselves to generate socially responsible design that performs for people, cities and the environment.

Design brings people together.