Regional Airport

Design Team: Michael Frederick, James Diewald | Advisors: Murali Paranandi

Charleston, West Virgina : 2006
Airports are a unique challenge being one of the few evolving modern building typologies, changing face as new threats emerge. Amid the physical changes mandated by these evolving threats why can’t travel be fun again? Existing airports are placeless warehouses for moving people. Travel is a grand adventure and experience. This contrast implores the airport to rediscover itself as a destination in a journey as opposed to a mechanized interchange. The new airport is infused with technological systems to enhance the experience and make traveling more secure. Landscape initiatives subdivide the site minimizing the ecological impact of this giant land development. Convenience is of the utmost concern. With the inclusion of automated parking systems and security transporters time from entry to gate is reduced to a minimum. On the concourse side leisurely travelers are invited to meander, discovering green spaces, galleries, spas and shops along the way.