Lakeshore Marina

Design Team: Michael Frederick, Michael Dziubek | Advisors: Murali Paranandi

Chicago, Illinois : 2004
Montrose Harbor is a man-made harbor created on the northeastern edge of Chicago, Illinois. Initially the harbor was used for the U.S. Navy but from the 1970’s through 2000 the harbor was transformed into a public park and private boat marina. Site activities include boating, fishing, bird watching, swimming, and general outdoor recreation. Our objective was to create a fluid extension of the site that allowed for the layering of circulation routes and activities. The covered portions of the building undulate around a central void that penetrates all portions of the building. By layering the functions of the building the design enhances one’s experience of the site by exposing individuals to the wide variety of activities available, while simultaneously creating pockets of refuge where individuals can observe views of the Chicago skyline and surrounding natural habitats. The design of the marina mimics motion in its static reality, and encourages individuals to discover the building through their own movement. The building’s main foci are stairs and ramps, and the main artery of the building is pierced by a dynamic suspended walkway. Because of the dynamic environment imposed by the structure, the project begins to imitate the art of film. It provides the overall framework for one to experience the surrounding activities, yet it is in the layering and juxtaposition of ideas where moments of clarity focus the development of the project.